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How it works


As a foreign worker, the first thing to understand is that you cannot apply directly to the Global Talent Stream. Only a Canadian employer can apply to the GTS, and the foreign worker(s) they wish to hire are listed on the application.This means that if you want to get a GTS work permit, your first goal should be to land a job offer from a Canadian employer who qualifies for the program. GTSNCA gives a fully developed platform where candidates and employers can easily meetup and discuss opportunities. This results in recruitment of highly skilled and suitable clients which boosts client satisfaction and helps in economic development of Canada. This is crucial to keep Canadian job market competitive and open to development. 

Foreign workers are called in through offer letter from Canadian employers. This lets a candidate to land in Canada and seek his career in the developed world. GTSNCA mainly deals with GTS Category-B [in-Demand Global Talent Occupation] and provides complete guidance.

How to apply in In-Demand Global Talent Occupation?

GTSNCA is a global network which provides a great many opportunities. It provides a reliable and enthusiastic platform where highly skilled and talented minds pursue their career goals. GTSNCA works with a number of credible and integral clients all over the world. Basically, it provides its services to Canadian employers, but it is not bound to only Canadian market. It has a huge scope of its services in the USA and UK.

 As this thread is about Canada and its GTS program, GTSNCA mainly deals with GTS Category-B [in-Demand Global Talent Occupation] and ensures success. Furthermore, it provides complete guide about GTS and how GTS works. These are few steps which a candidate should follow to build his profile for better profile. This platform ensures success for all talented people out there. Therefore, this crucial process of building healthy profile needs to be commenced and completed carefully.

Step By Step Process Explained

              At first, job-seeking candidates have to get themselves registered by signing up an account on This starts  their profile building                      process.   This is first and most important step as a better profile is a key to success. This is advised to follow all guidelines throughout profile                  completion   process. This results in development of professionally impressive profile. Later on, candidates find GTS form in membership tab                  which they are highly   advised to fill very carefully.

At second, candidate will have to upload updated resume and all testimonials they need to produce for relevant job. This includes verifiable ,experience certificates and other documents to prove that you’re best suited candidate for this position.


 At third, candidate would receive an email with job code on his registered email from our system. If you don’t get job code, please recheck your spam folder along with inbox.

At fourth, our internal management  would share your profile with companies which are looking for a candidate with similar experience and skills. These all companies would be Canadian registered companies in our network. Usually, companies only hire those candidates who    possess great skill-set & keep wonder track record throughout their career. Therefore, placement chances of experienced candidates are high.

Later on, candidate would receive an email for online interview. If he appears in online interview & satisfies interviewer about his/her skill-set and talent, he/she would be shortlisted and notified through email. Candidate needs to be well-prepared for this interview as their whole   journey depends on this interview.

If a candidate successfully clears his/her online auto interview, he would be notified with an acknowledgement email about his name in the list of shortlisted candidates. Furthermore, he would be informed about upcoming skill test.

 After shortlisting the candidates, an email would be sent within 5 working days to candidates to check their knowledge and skills required for specialized job. This email would have skill test link and this test needs to be passed if a candidate is looking for placement in Canadian  company. After successful test, you would be informed about next procedure such as Visa and GTS requirement.

 In this step, employer applies for GTS application to ESDC (Employment and Social Development Canada). Company applies one application per one foreign worker by paying $1000 CAD. If there are a number of employees, company has to apply multiple applications to oblige all  foreign workers. Furthermore, this process takes time of ten days for GTS application approval from ESDC. In case, there is systematic delay, this would go up to 3-weeks

Now, employer pays $1000 (CAD)as processing fee for GTS application through MasterCard, Visa or any other method mentioned on website of government of Canada. After that, employee applies for work permit by paying $155 (CAD) per foreign worker and this procedure takes time of two weeks if he has got ESDC approval in his GTS application.

If you’re a candidate looking for the similar Job profile listed in our “JOBS” page, you can find GTS application on our website and fill it online. We would process your application according to your membership plan through our applicant manager.

 After getting GTS application passed and work permit ready, candidate needs to prepare his/her documents with our assistance. This would  include visa processing fee, bio-metric procedure & testimonials. There are few steps you need to follow while applying for visa. If you follow  these steps, you have higher chances to attain visa

You have to apply for work visa and make sure that you fulfill all requirements to be awarded visa.

If you are aged between 14-79, you need to provide your fingerprints and photos once in ten years. This makes your visit to Canada easy and  smooth. You will need to pay a sum of  80 CAD

After you provide bio-metric information, Canadian government takes decision by checking all kinds of criminal record or any other surety it wants to ensure before allowing you to enter in Canada.

If all things go in right direction, you are allowed to move freely in Canada.